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The Humblebee is a bass cut circuit, based on the Yamaha dry switch and the recommended component values in the article here by Dirk Wacker at Premier Guitar.

It is aimed at giving you something approaching a split coil sound, without the hum. It’s a very subtle change that may be hard to hear for some, but worth experimenting with.

A 3.3nF or 6.7nF capacitor can be selected using the switch. Also a variable 500kohm trimpot is connected in parallel with the chosen capacitor, to vary the tone setting.

It’s designed to be fitted to a standard DPDT Push Pull pot, as made by Bourns, Alpha etc.

Based on feedback we may or may not decide to make this a main product. So grab the opportunity to buy one of these limited prototypes at a reduced price while you have the chance!

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Include Bourns Push Pull Pot?

250k Imperial, 250k Metric, 500k Log Metric, 500k Imperial, Not Required


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